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Allegri: ‘I’m staying at Juventus’

Max Allegri has once again confirmed that he will be staying at Juventus next season while calling football “a stupid sport for intelligent people.”
The Bianconeri coach tactician sat down with Rai programme ‘Che Tempo Che Fa’ and offered his own take of what happened on Saturday with Sky Sport analyst, Lele Adani.
“I am calm today, I got a bit cross yesterday. You know, every time you hear this lecture on what you did wrong and ought not to be doing, it can wind you up and I am only human. I don’t go around telling you how to do your job!
“I accept constructive criticism, because it is part of the game, but after two or three times the same… I can give you my opinion, which may well be that you don’t understand what you’re talking about, but it’s still an opinion.
“Winning five rounds early meant we were in a holiday mood sooner than we should’ve been, because the Champions League was hard to swallow. But sport is wonderful because you must know how to celebrate victories and accept defeats. You can’t win all the time.
“It is a difficult competition, there are teams who took many years before managing to win. Some point out Juve haven’t won the Champions League for 23 years and that is true, but over the last five years our level has grown considerably.
“I’ve already said I’m staying, so I’ll say it again: I am staying at Juventus! I still have another year on my contract, then I’ll meet up with the President.
“I’ve been a player and I’ve made every mistake. I always tell the lads, whatever it is you’re thinking of doing, I’ve already done it. That’s what experience is for and the rapport I have with them means I can give some advice.
“It’s also important to still play pranks and have fun, because I can’t be myself if I’m not having fun. There’s tension during games, you target objectives and now football is big business, as Juventus have a revenue of €550m per year, so the results mean a lot.
“I don’t really like all these tactical systems people talk about, 3-5-2, 4-3-3 and all that. I’ve learned that football is a stupid sport for intelligent people, because the simplest things are truly also the most difficult to get right.
“For example, you can say a player made a simple sideways pass, but it’s not simple, it’s football. The lower you go down the levels, the more players think they need to hang on to the ball to prove how talented they are, but that’s not football.”
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